ELM, Inc. has a comprehensive approach to developing organizational strategies, implementing those strategies and initiatives, and managing them based on the industry's best practice standards. We can minimize your risk by leveraging domain knowledge, cross-functional skills, and our program management discipline that will maximize your organization's performance and ensure your projects are delivered on budget and on time. Our services include:
Program and Project Management
Robust project management is an essential component in successfully delivering outcomes from investments. Organizations which integrate project and Program management methodologies, tools and skill sets into their normal work, which assess and address their project management maturity, and which use project management offices, have been found to achieve better project outcomes.
ELM, Inc. provides project management services designed to assist clients in achieving desired results from their initiatives through:
Defining project scope and objectives.
Defining project requirements, tasks, and outcomes (deliverables) required to stay within scope and to achieve objectives.
Determining resources, financial and human, required to complete the project.
Setting timelines and milestones for accomplishing tasks and producing deliverables.
Creating issues-tracking and change management processes.
Managing projects within the defined budget.
Assessing project risk and monitoring the quality of project outcomes.
Determining and identifying needs and mechanisms for communicating information to the project team and associated stakeholders.
ELM, Inc. utilizes proven methodologies in providing project management and quality assurance/risk monitoring that can be tailored to meet our clients’ project requirements.
Business Process Improvement, Re-engineering and Integration
Improving business processes is paramount for businesses to stay competitive and for organizations to function in today's market. Over the last 10 to 15 years companies and organizations have been forced to improve their business processes because customers are demanding better and better products and services and to support any IT project.
ELM, Inc. provides business process improvement, re-engineering and integration support and services designed to assist clients in achieving desired results from their initiatives through:
Collecting the Voice of the Customer.
Identifying the Stakeholders.
Documenting the as-is and to-be process.
Establishing measures of how the process should be executed.
Identifying and implementing improvements.
Implementing and measuring the changes.
ELM, Inc. utilizes proven methodologies such as Integrated Definition (IDEF), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and can deliver business process improvement and integration support that can be tailored to meet our clients’ project requirements.
Enterprise Architecture
ELM, Inc. provides strategic value to organizations in a number of consulting areas by applying best practice Enterprise Architecture principles, methods and frameworks, such as; DoDAF (DoD Architecture Framework, FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework) and SOA (Service Oriented Architectures). We offer a full range of enterprise architecture services, from strategy consulting through final implementation. Our architecture services include:
Development and integration of enterprise architectures.
Align IT strategic goals and transform IT infrastructure.
Identify stakeholders and organizations.
Establish Enterprise Data Management (EDM).
Carrying out implementation planning.
Deliver quality architecture products required for DoD Acquisition documents and Milestones.
We are structured to provide expertise at Enterprise, domain and solution architecture levels, taking an organizational, program or project focus. ELM, Inc. utilizes proven methodologies and delivers quality enterprise architecture support and services that enables an organization to meet their acquisition goals, achieve interoperability, information sharing, process integration and allow for technology insertion at the right place at the right time.
IT System Development and Integration
ELM, Inc. provides IT system development and integration services for the entire system life-cycle, from establishing and documenting initial concepts, evaluating alternatives, to providing acquisition, program management, and systems engineering expertise to help programs meet and navigate pertinent acquisition processes, policies, procedures, and milestone requirements. Our system development and integration capabilities include executing the following:
IT System development and integration.
Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) and Program Management.
Configuration Management.
Operations Research and Operations Analysis.
Analysis of Alternatives (AoA).
System Documentation, Technical Publications and Distribution.
System Test and Test Plans.