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TRACS Briefing
The Tool Room Accounting & Control System (TRACS)

Today, many Army tool room operations are performed manually
The management of Sets, Kits and Outfits (SKO) and Special Tools & Test Equipment (STTE) is based on subject matter expertise (subjective) versus real tool usage data (objective)
Currently, there are Army logistics information systems in development, that are required to automate the tool room, but will not provide the required functionality for at least 3 years, if not longer
TRACS Business Case
Improves Operational Efficiency and Reduces Errors: Using barcode technology permits fast and accurate data recording during log on, tool issue/return and inventories and electronically importing tool room hand receipts from Army legacy systems, manual data entry and data errors reduced and efficiency improved
Improves Accountability & Visibility: By automating the management and tracking of tool issues/returns, inventories and the generation of hand receipts, tool accountability and visibility is improved and tool losses reduced
Improves Safety: By tracking calibration, inspections, & load tests and alerting the tool custodian of overdue tools during the tool issue process and through the Custodian Dashboard, minimizes risk and possible damage to Army assets or injury to personnel
TRACS Overview
TRACS is a “turn-key” system that automates the Army’s tool room operations by accurately tracking, accounting, controlling and managing its SKO, STTE and Command Directed tools
Developed in Alpha Five v10.5 a 4GL development tool
Operates as a stand alone system, but comes web enabled
Operates on the Army Gold Master (AGM) Disc
Uses Touch Screen and Barcode Technology
Designed to be user-friendly
Can be tailored to meet the individual unit needs
TRACS Hardware & Software
TRACS utilizes the newest hardware and barcode technology providing two “turn-key” configurations:
Configuration A: Is a fully-ruggedized tablet PC, with a pressure-sensitive touch screen that can be used with a stylus or by touch, an Integrated barcode scanner, CAC Reader and docking station
Configuration B: Is a fully-ruggedized maximum-performance notebook/tablet PC, with a pressure-sensitive touch screen that can be used with a stylus or by touch, CAC Reader, with docking station
Upon request the TRACS software can be procured separately as long as hardware meets minimum system specifications
Computer configuration A and B comes with the following:
Software: TRACS v2, Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus software
Two Printers:
Thermal barcode printer to generate barcode labels
Laser-jet printer to generate reports and forms
Barcode Scanner: Is a ruggedized scanner hard wired to PC using a USB port and comes with stand
2 Year Warranty on all software and hardware
TRACS Hardware Configuration A

Simple to use and portable
TRACS Hardware Configuration B

Simple to use and portable

Initial Operating Capability (IOC)

Issue and Return Tools
Uses Common Access Card (CAC) and barcodes to log in and check if personnel are authorized to be issued tools
Checks to ensure the tool is not overdue a calibration, inspection and/or load test
Tools can be returned individually or all at once
Automatically generates tool hand receipts when the default tool return date is changed

Tool Management
Allows user to electronically add, modify, and delete tools, enter warranty, calibration, service, and load test information if required
Displays a Dashboard, alerting the custodian of overdue tool return, calibration, inspections, load tests and inventories

Tool Category
Allows the user to select a Tool Category (example: Special Tools) and then establish a Tool Type (example: M1A2 Set)

Allows the system to track tools by SKO, Special Tools, and/or Command Directed

Allows the user to conduct an automated Standard Inventory, based on an established inventory due date, using the barcode scanner
Allows the user to conduct an automated Rapid Inventory using the barcode scanner. (Note, unlike the standard inventory, the rapid inventory only captures what tool(s) are missing)

Organization Management
Allows the user to establish and maintain an organization with all relative information
Personnel and Tools are linked to an organization

Personnel Management
Allows the user to add and maintain a person and link them to an organization
Allows the user to assign roles and permissions

Publications: Allows the user to electronically add, view and delete publications (i.e. IETMs, Supply Catalogs)

Help Option: Allows the user to access quick help notes and End Users Manual

Reports: Allows the user to review and generate a number of management and forecasting reports:
Scheduled Inspections/Load Test/Calibration/Warranty
Reports: can be generated by date range, tool, tool type or tool category
Tool Usage Reports: provides usage reports by date range, tool, tool type or tool category
Personnel/Organizational Reports: provides authorization roster by organization
Tool Room Control Logs: provides control log by date, tool, type of category

Additional Reports:
Inventory Reports: provides management and historical inventory reports for both standard and rapid inventories
Tool Status Reports: provides the user with the current status of an individual tool or by tool type or tool category
Tool Override Reports: provides an override report of tools that were overdue a scheduled service (Calibration, Inspection or Load Test), but still issued by the tool custodian
Tool Catalog: provides tool location, authorizations, barcode and pictures eliminating the need to maintain a manual tool card index file
Future Operating Capability (FOC)
Tool Box Management
Convert to a Web application
Deployment Systems (Store and Forward)
Generate Tool Improvement Program Suggestions (TIPS) form
Establish a national level tool management data repository
Interface/Integrate with Army future ERP and existing legacy logistics systems
TRACS will provide the Army with:
An automated “turn-key” tool management system that will provide accountability, visibility, management and control of tool room operations
The ability to track the required warranty, inspections, calibration, load test and inventory of tools
Real objective tool usage data so timely and accurate SKO and STTE management decisions can be made
Interface/Integrate with Army future ERP and existing legacy logistics systems
The best of business technology, simple to use and provides significant time, manpower and cost savings
TRACS is the Right tool for the Right Job
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